The 5 Best Halftime Shows at the Grey Cup

The 108th Grey Cup is expected to attract attendance from millions of people throughout Canada in order to watch the event. No matter what takes place, everyone is guaranteed to enjoy a wonderful performance. Even if their team ends up losing, there will still be fun things to do during the halftime break.

The 5 Best Halftime Shows at the Grey Cup

At the Grey Cup in the 1980s, the most common form of entertainment during the halftime break was a marching band. When it comes to entertainment, some of the best performances in human history are today considered to be the norm. Who has been the most noticeable up to this point? Betway Insider asserts that followers of the Arkells will have something worthwhile to anticipate this time around. Now take into account the following:

2017 – Shania Twain

It is unusual for a musician to attend so many Grey Cups, but Shania Twain has done it on many occasions. 2017 was the year in which she provided evidence to support the notion that she is a member of Canada’s royal family. Twain was the focus of a lot of attention despite the fact that the underdogs were ultimately victorious.

The first time that Twain ever visited is also warmly remembered. Riding a dog sled through the snow as her entrance was a unique way for her to stand out. Mark Twain is widely considered to be one of the most accomplished Grey Cup players of all time.

2012 – An amazing collaboration

The Grey Cup in most years chooses one outstanding performance out of a number of others that are deserving of the honor. It was a momentous year for the Grey Cup in 2012 since it was the 100th time the game had been played.

Since it was clear that the 100th Cup game would be a significant event, every effort was made to ensure that it would be the most spectacular competition ever seen. Gordon Lightfoot, Carly Rae Jepsen, Mariana Trench, and Justin Bieber are just a few of the well-known performers that have graced the stage at some point in their careers.

In spite of the fact that the audience jeered at Justin Bieber during the halftime show, the other performers delivered a fantastic show that the audience will not soon forget.

2018 – Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara was formerly considered to be one of Canada’s most promising up-and-coming artists. It’s possible that some people were concerned that she wasn’t the best choice for the entertainment during halftime. Everyone who held these preconceived views was quickly disabused of them when they were shown to be false. The crowd was blown away by Cara’s rendition of the medley, which lasted for 15 minutes.

At the conclusion of the performance, there was a magnificent drum line as well as stunning fireworks. After listening to how passionately Cara recounted the Grey Cup race, her professional life appeared to have taken a turn for the better.

2016 – One Republic

Because hundreds of dancers wore LED jackets as they performed, One Republic should not be disqualified from consideration for any top-ten list of Grey Cup halftime performances. To do so would be cruel. Not only was it pleasing to the eye, but the music was also really impressive.

The audience was treated to performances of songs such as “Counting Stars,” “Let’s Hurt Tonight,” and “Love Runs Out.” Those who were physically there in the stadium as well as those who watched the game on television at home were treated to tremendous entertainment.

2000 – The Guess Who

Since The Guess Who are one of the most well-known rock bands in all of Canada, it made perfect sense for them to perform at the 88th Grey Cup in Calgary as a part of one of their reunion tours.

After they had resolved the issues with the sound, the band played “No Time,” “Bus Rider,” and “Share the Land.” The performance had been delayed because of the problems with the sound. They were successful in keeping the crowd amused despite the fact that there was no entertainment available. The guitar solos that Randy Bachman played were top-notch. In 2010, Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO) would be given a second opportunity to shine in Edmonton.