Grey Cup Winners 2022: By year & Full List of wins (Results)

The Canadian Football League (CFL) championship game and the trophy that is awarded to the victor are typically referred to collectively as the “Grey Cup.” Between the years 1904 and 1911, Albert Grey served as the Governor General of Canada. This accolade is bestowed upon him in his name.

In 1909, Grey presented the trophy to the Canadian Rugby Union so that it may be used to recognize the finest amateur rugby football team in the country. Since the inaugural match in 1909, a total of one hundred Grey Cups have been awarded.

Grey Cup Winners

List of Grey Cup Winners

From 1909 to 2021 total of 108 Grey Cup matches were already played. This year 2022 grey cup will be the 109th edition. from 1909 to 2021 we miss 5 grey cups due for several reasons. 1916-1918 was not held due to World War I and Grey Cup 1919 was canceled due to rules dispute with the Canadian Rugby Union. And after that 2022 Grey cup was canceled due to Covid-19 Global Pandemic.

Here is the Complete Grey Cup Winners list by year with Winner, Loser and Score.

2021Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger Cats33-25 OT
2020Season CancelledDue to Covid-19 Global Pandemic
2019Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger Cats33-12
2018Calgary StampedersOttawa RedBlacks27-16
2017Toronto ArgonautsCalgary Stampeders27-24
2016Ottawa RedBlacksCalgary Stampeders39-33
2015Edmonton EskimosOttawa RedBlacks26-20
2014Calgary StampedersHamilton Tiger-Cats20-16
2013Saskatchewan RoughridersHamilton Tiger-Cats45-23
2012Toronto ArgonautsCalgary Stampeders35-22
2011British Columbia LionsWinnipeg Blue Bombers34-23
2010Montreal AlouettesSaskatchewan Roughriders21-18
2009Montreal AlouettesSaskatchewan Roughriders28-27
2008Calgary StampedersMontreal Alouettes22-14
2007Saskatchewan RoughridersWinnipeg Blue Bombers23-19
2006British Columbia LionsMontreal Alouettes25-14
2005Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes38-35 OT
2004Toronto ArgonautsBritish Columbia Lions27-19
2003Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes34-22
2002Montreal AlouettesEdmonton Eskimos25-16
2001Calgary StampedersWinnipeg Blue Bombers27-19
2000British Columbia LionsMontreal Alouettes28-26
1999Hamilton Tiger-CatsCalgary Stampeders32-21
1998Calgary StampedersHamilton Tiger-Cats26-24
1997Toronto ArgonautsSaskatchewan Roughriders47-23
1996Toronto ArgonautsEdmonton Eskimos43-37
1995Baltimore StallionsCalgary Stampeders37-20
1994British Columbia LionsBaltimore CFL’s26-23
1993Edmonton EskimosWinnipeg Blue Bombers33-23
1992Calgary StampedersWinnipeg Blue Bombers24-10
1991Toronto ArgonautsCalgary Stampeders36-21
1990Winnipeg Blue BombersEdmonton Eskimos50-11
1989Saskatchewan RoughridersHamilton Tiger-Cats43-40
1988Winnipeg Blue BombersBritish Columbia Lions22-21
1987Edmonton EskimosToronto Argonauts38-36
1986Hamilton Tiger-CatsEdmonton Eskimos39-15
1985British Columbia LionsHamilton Tiger-Cats37-24
1984Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats47-17
1983Toronto ArgonautsBritish Columbia Lions18-17
1982Edmonton EskimosToronto Argonauts32-16
1981Edmonton EskimosOttawa Rough Riders26-23
1980Edmonton EskimosHamilton Tiger-Cats48-10
1979Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes17-9
1978Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes20-13
1977Montreal AlouettesEdmonton Eskimos41-6
1976Ottawa Rough RidersSaskatchewan Roughriders23-20
1975Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes9-8
1974Montreal AlouettesEdmonton Eskimos20-7
1973Ottawa Rough RidersEdmonton Eskimos22-18
1972Hamilton Tiger-CatsSaskatchewan Roughriders13-10
1971Calgary StampedersToronto Argonauts14-11
1970Montreal AlouettesCalgary Stampeders23-10
1969Ottawa Rough RidersSaskatchewan Roughriders29-11
1968Ottawa Rough RidersCalgary Stampeders24-21
1967Hamilton Tiger-CatsSaskatchewan Roughriders24-1
1966Saskatchewan RoughridersOttawa Rough Riders29-14
1965Hamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg Blue Bombers22-16
1964British Columbia LionsHamilton Tiger-Cats34-24
1963Hamilton Tiger-CatsBritish Columbia Lions21-10
1962Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats28-27
1961Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats21-14
1960Ottawa Rough RidersEdmonton Eskimos16-6
1959Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats21-7
1958Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tiger-Cats35-28
1957Hamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg Blue Bombers32-7
1956Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes50-27
1955Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes34-19
1954Edmonton EskimosMontreal Alouettes26-25
1953Hamilton Tiger-CatsWinnipeg Blue Bombers12-6
1952Toronto ArgonautsEdmonton Eskimos21-11
1951Ottawa Rough RidersSaskatchewan Roughriders21-14
1950Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers13-0
1949Montreal AlouettesCalgary Stampeders28-15
1948Calgary StampedersOttawa Rough Riders12-7
1947Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers10-9
1946Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers28-6
1945Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers35-0
1944Montreal St. H-D NavyHamilton Flying Wildcats7-6
1943Hamilton Flying WildcatsWinnipeg RCAF Bombers23-14
1942Toronto RCAF HurricanesWinnipeg RCAF Bombers8-5
1941Winnipeg Blue BombersOttawa Rough Riders18-16
1940*** Ottawa Rough Riders
Ottawa Rough Riders
Toronto Balmy Beach
Toronto Balmy Beach
1939Winnipeg Blue BombersOttawa Rough Riders8-7
1938Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers30-7
1937Toronto ArgonautsWinnipeg Blue Bombers4-3
1936Sarnia ImperialsOttawa Rough Riders26-20
1935Winnipeg Blue BombersHamilton Tigers18-12
1934Sarnia ImperialsRegina Roughriders20-12
1933Toronto ArgonautsSarnia Imperials4-3
1932Hamilton TigersRegina Roughriders25-6
1931Montreal Winged WheelersRegina Roughriders22-0
1930Toronto Balmy BeachRegina Roughriders11-6
1929Hamilton TigersRegina Roughriders14-3
1928Hamilton TigersRegina Roughriders30-0
1927Toronto Balmy BeachHamilton Tigers9-6
1926Ottawa SenatorsU. of Toronto10-7
1925Ottawa SenatorsWinnipeg Tammany Tigers24-1
1924Queen’s UniversityToronto Balmy Beach11-3
1923Queen’s UniversityRegina Roughriders54-0
1922Queen’s UniversityEdmonton Elks13-1
1921Toronto ArgonautsEdmonton Eskimos23-0
1920U. of TorontoToronto Argonauts16-3
1919No Game
Not held due to World War I
1918No Game
Not held due to World War I
1917No Game
Not held due to World War I
1916No Game Canceled due to a rules dispute with
the Canadian Rugby Union
1915Hamilton TigersToronto Rowing13-7
1914Toronto ArgonautsU. of Toronto14-2
1913Hamilton TigersToronto Parkdale44-2
1912Hamilton AlertsToronto Argonauts11-4
1911U. of TorontoToronto Argonauts14-7
1910U. of TorontoHamilton Tigers16-7
1909U. of TorontoToronto Parkdale26-6

Who has won the most Grey Cups?

The Edmonton Eskimos were the team that had won the most Grey Cups (17) before to their merger with the Toronto Argonauts in 1958; however, since the inaugural Grey Cup was played in 1909, the Toronto Argonauts have won the most.

Who won the 2021 Grey Cup?

On December 12, 2021, Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario played host to the 108th annual Grey Cup game. There were over 26,000 fans in attendance as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats faced off against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Despite this, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were victorious after extra time with a score of 33-25.

Who won the first Grey Cup?

The inaugural Grey Cup game was contested on December 4, 1909, between two teams representing the city of Toronto. In front of 3,800 spectators, the University of Toronto Varsity Blues prevailed against the Parkdale Canoe Club with a final score of 26 to 6.

How much do Grey Cup Winners get paid?

The official Grey Cup pool has a prize fund of $40,000 up for grabs.

It has been reported that the winning team’s portion of the Grey Cup prize pool has not increased despite the fact that the amount of money awarded to the winning team and the runners-up has been adjusted.

  • Champions Share: ($16,000)
  • Runners-up Share: ($8,000)
  • MVP Player Bonus : ($10,000)
  • MVP Canadian : ($5,000)

How much is the Grey Cup worth?

The illustrious trophy was not initially intended to be presented to the victor of a football match. Even though Earl Grey was expected to receive the Allan Cup first each year, Sir Montague Allan decided to give it to someone else.

After some time had passed, Grey presented the trophy to the victor of the Canadian rugby football competition. According to some reports, the initial cost of producing the Grey Cup was at about $48.

At this time, the valued reward is being asked for a donation of $75,000.

People don’t fight for the Grey Cup with the goal of increasing their bank account balance. This prize has been presented in Canada for over a century, and it plays an essential role in the history and culture of the country.

When & Where is the Grey Cup 2023?

The Canadian Football League announced today that the 108th Grey Cup game and festival would be hosted in Hamilton, Ontario in 2023. The game will be played in Vancouver, British Columbia.

How to get Grey Cup Tickets?

Ticket sales will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday at Mosaic Stadium, on The entry fee for the 109th Grey Cup is only $159 per person. You could also get the tickets from other markets such as Stub Hub, Vivid Seat, etc.

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