Who Will Sing National Anthem at Grey Cup 2022?

You must be one of the people who are curious about who will sing the national anthem at the Grey Cup.

There you have it: Teagan Littlechief performs the anthem at the Grey Cup.

Teagan Littlechief

As previously stated, Teagan Littlechief will perform “O Canada” before the 2022 Grey Cup.

A member of the White Bear First Nations’ Treaty 4 group will perform songs in Cree, English, and French.

Littlechief is “thrilled and appreciative” to be able to represent Indigenous language and culture at the Grey Cup in his native country of Saskatchewan. Steps like this must be made in order for our country to have equality, inclusive, and fair representation. Canada is at its finest as a country when its citizens work together, and what better way to demonstrate this than through music?

Pure Country 92.7 called Littlechief Saskatchewan’s Next Big Thing. She was also named Indigenous Artist of the Year by the Saskatchewan Country Music Association. Despite having sang the national anthem with the Roughriders several times and winning prizes for 2022, she is nonetheless ecstatic about the prospect.

The Grey Cup, she claims, is one of the most important sporting events in Canada. Football supporters’ energy and excitement is a nice boost. She has never experienced anything like this before.

The Riders have revealed the performers that will play on the Harvard Media Community Stage at the Grey Cup Festival. Littlechief, JJ Voss, Aubrie Hook, New Kids on the Block, Blu Beach Band, and HourHand will all be performing. The Community Stage will be open from November 17 through November 19.

This is a positive step forward and a statement to Canadians that we are stronger as a unified nation working toward national betterment via reconciliation, inclusiveness, and representation. Music appears to be the most effective medium for conveying this information.

Teagan’s renditions of “O Canada,” according to Craig Reynolds, president and CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, always capture Rider Nation’s attention. If our national anthem is performed in Cree, the 109th Grey Cup will be a watershed moment on the road to truth and healing.

Teagan LittleChief will sing the National Anthem before the 109th Grey Cup on November 20.

She will do it in Cree, French, and English, all of which are distinct languages.

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